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Welcome to the Amazing Virtual Wild Garlic Experience

For more information and to book click HERE.

Would you like to have a bit of 'me time', feel relaxed, calm and full of energy?

Were you told growing up that to put your needs first was selfish and indulgent? So now this is what you believe, and you always put yourself and your needs last?⠀

Are you constantly tired, chasing your tail, with an endless list of jobs, that never ends?⠀

How would you feel if you took a morning off and spent some time in nature? If you took the time to de-stress and have a little bit of self care, how would you feel? ⠀

Taking time out allows us to revitalised and re-energise ourselves, so we can help all the people in our lives that you want to help, so much better!⠀

It has been scientifically proven that being in nature, even virtually, is good for our mental health and well-being. So I would like to invite you to take a morning out for yourself and join me on my Amazing Virtual Wild Garlic Adventure on Saturday 1st May, starting at 9.30am.⠀

I will take you on a virtual adventure in an beautiful ancient woodland with a mindful meditative walk. We will then go and find Wild Garlic and pick some. I will share with you my secret of how to make beautiful scones, with or without wild garlic and cheese.⠀

A sea of wild garlic

This workshop is for you if....

  • You are ready to invest some time and money in yourself, because you deserve it.
  • You are interested in foraging and don't know how to start.
  • Foraging is something you have wanted to try for ages and weren't quite sure where to begin.
  • You want to experience the joy of spending time in nature and soak up it's serenity but it's not easy to get out into the countryside.
  • You want give yourself some me time with mindfulness, but never get round to it!
  • You want to learn how to forage responsibly and respect the environment
  • You want to get an idea of the joy of collecting your own food and making something delicious, through this virtual experience.
  • You want to learn how to make amazing scones with or without wild garlic and cheese.

What is included in the day  

Virtual Live Foraging Experience
  • You will receive best practise foraging guidelines.
  • A virtual live Wild Garlic foraging trip experience. Discover the calm and peace of the woodland. Absorb the atmosphere and energy of the woodland with a mindful walk.
  • How to identify Wild Garlic.
  • How to pick and choose the best Wild Garlic leaves.
  • Plant identifier app recommendation.
Cooking Demonstration
  • How to prepare the wild garlic for cooking.
  • The recipe for Scones with cheese and wild garlic.
  • A scone making demonstration.
  • Ideas of other culinary uses for Wild Garlic.
  • Access to the Facebook group where I'll answer any questions you might have.


Sign up today and you will also receive my Wild Garlic Pesto recipe!

There are limited places available, for more information and to book click HERE.

 Wild Garlic and Cheese scones

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