2 minutes of joy challenge

2 minutes of joy challenge

Will you join me for my #2minutesofjoy challenge?

This week as I was standing waiting for my train, I spent the time soaking up the glorious sunshine☀️. It was so uplifting!

2 minutes of joy

It has inspired me to find 2 minutes of joy in my life every day. Because this is what my brand is all about, joy 😊

It can be so easy to loose our joy, or feel guilty about feeling joy, especially at the moment when there is so much turmoil in the world. Brené Brown has a really interesting conversation HERE with Karen Walrond about this.

I truly believe it is not selfish to have joy in our lives. When we fill our cup, we have so much more to give and can give from a place of love.

So I'd love it if you join me in my 
#2minutesofjoy challenge. You can follow my posts on Facebook HERE and Instagram HEREPlease use the hashtag #2minutesofjoy and tag me @chezbeccy so I can see your posts too.

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