Beautiful Pea and Celery Soup

Beautiful Pea and Celery Soup

We all know that eating vegetables is good for us and sometimes it can seem quite tricky to get the 5 day into our daily diet.

Eating salads and soups is a really great way to increase our vegetable consumption. And making them yourself is even better, you then know exactly how much sugar and salt is added. 

I know salt gets a lot of bad press, and I also believe a little salt can enhance the flavours. The best thing is always to taste as you go, you can easily add more but you can't take it out!

I hope you enjoy this delicious summer soup. Let me know what you think. And remember to tag me on Instagram with your pics @chezbeccy and use the hashtag #chezbeccylife

Pea and Celery Soup

Serves 4


Unsalted butter
2 sticks of Celery, chopped
1 medium onion, chopped
400g frozen peas
1 vegetable stock cube
500ml boiling water
100ml milk, of your choice
A swirl of cream, optional
Sprig on mint
Salt and pepper


Preparation Method

1- Melt the unsalted butter in a saucepan
2- Add the chopped celery and cook for a few minutes
3-Add the chopped onion, put a lid on the pan and allow to cook for 10 minutes
4-Boil the kettle and add the stock cube to a measuring jug and pour in 500ml of boiling water.
5-Add the stock to the pan and allow to simmer for 10 minutes.
6-Add the frozen peas and milk. Season with salt and pepper.
7- Simmer for 5 minutes
8- Blend the soup with a hand held blender until smooth.
9- Serve with a swirl of cream and a sprig of mint.


Happy cooking Beccy x


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