Bold, Bright and Beautiful!

Bold, Bright and Beautiful!

Part 3

My designs have become bigger, bolder and brighter as I have become more confident and more at ease with myself. Although saying that the blue and white daisy designs here is from my original Blue and White Collection is quite bold. Then my patterns get smaller with this ditsy floral on a soft sage green from my 2nd collection, as I try to make myself fit in. And now, my bright, bold, dynamic vibrant Shooting Hearts, full of joy!

I had moved away from the traditional English Country Cottage look in design and colours and I wanted to reflect this through my whole brand. 

So I plucked up the courage to organise a professional photo shoot. It was so much fun. I wanted a lovely kitchen as a backdrop for my images so I needed to find a location, then find a photographer and thinking about props and styling! It felt like such a big job and was quite daunting. It was way out of my comfort zone!

And so my photographs went from this image on the left, to this image on the right!

I knew there would be a lot to think about on the shoot itself, so I planned each image I wanted to we could just make tweaks as we went along on the day.

I wanted some props in the same blue and red as my Shooting Hearts Collection and my new Shooting Stars Collection. The idea being a pop of colour from some carefully placed props in the background would highlight each product perfectly, creating the bright bold look I was after. So this is where the fun really started, with the shopping! Le Creuset was a great place to start with all the fabulous colours they do, all I had to do was choose😊. The gorgeous blue salt and pepper mills and mugs, just perfect. The red utensil pot and a red spatula, just fabulous.

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I also wanted different bunches of flowers, some lovely fruit and vegetable. Fake flowers are so good these days, easy to use and practical. And I think they look great with some real flowers and foliage mixed in. So the day before the shoot I went for a lovely walk around the fields and gathered holly and leylandii. Both of these are really good for creating larger flower arrangements.

I knew I wanted some photos of me wearing the aprons and using the oven gloves to give a real idea of how lovely my products look as well as how useful they are. So it was a great excuse to get my hair done, so I could look as glamorous as possible on the day!

I also had lots of fun making a lemon tart, apple crumble and biscuits to use on the day! 

This stunning New Shooting Stars Collection is now available to Pre-order as an aprontea towel and double oven glove. Why not pop over and order your now before they all disappear!

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