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💫 Shoot for the stars, aim for the moon🌙

Part 2

I realised I needed some help if I was serious about running my own business. I needed to learn about business and business strategy. So I found a creative business coach Ali Mapletoft Creatrix Coach . It was one of the best things I have done.

A whole new world was opened up for me learning about values, messaging, social media, email lists and mindset. I'd never even heard of mindset before! I was also meeting other inspiring creative people too 😊

I love learning new things, I love looking at the next challenge and working out how to over come it. The satisfaction from learning, growing and developing is huge for me.

One of the first things once I started my coaching was to create my own website. Up until now I had been selling at events and on Etsy, the online market place. It was very exciting and scary to be branching out on my own, so to speak!

Marketing was my next challenge. I realised actually telling stories and connecting with people. Talking about who I am, what I stand for, why I do what I do.

So for me this meant getting to know myself. Understanding who I am at my core. And the thing was, I was so used to being what I thought other people wanted me to be I actually wasn't sure who I was. I had no confidence, no self esteem. I was so use to making myself so small but I didn't get in anyones way, I almost lost myself completely.

Then I read the book Mindset by Dr Carol S. Dweck and it changed everything. The idea that it is possible to have a growth mindset, quite literally blew my mind. Up until this point, I had had a fixed mindset. I believe, you were dealt a hand in life and that was it. It was your lot. In my mid thirties I became very disillusioned with life. I hadn't achieved my dreams and goals for what I wanted for myself and I couldn't see a way of changing that.

So this idea of a growth mindset was music to my ears. I didn't have to settle. There was room for me to grow! Wow... and since this point, I haven't stopped growing💃

It's been quite a ride these last 2 or 3 years reprogramming how I think, learning how to tune in to my intuition. Learning how to trust myself and taking radical responsibility for myself and my life. Peeling back layers and layers of social conditioning is not easy, but so rewarding. We are all at different stages in life but if I can do this, so can you. You just need to choose yourself and find people to support you.

The most important part, for me, has been how to make myself feel safe so I can do the scary stuff. Let me explain, growing up I felt like I was balancing on a knife edge. I was a chameleon being at that moment, what I thought the other person wanted me to be, the ultimate people pleaser!

So taking that leap of faith when you are jumping off from this knife edge is extra hard. It's much easier to jump when your feet are firmly planted on the ground. I have a whole routine to support me in feeling safe, mediation, kundalini yoga, breath work (this really works for me), walking in nature, listening to how my body feels.
Chez Beccy, Chez Beccy apron, blue star apron, blue apron, sustainable homeware, made in Briatin
And this is me, the face of my brand, taken in August this year. I remember when Leesa Whisker the True Style Coach said to me a year ago "you have no idea how bright and colourful you are". It was so true, and here I am starting to embrace and loving the new bright, bold and beautiful Beccy.

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Photography - @emmaharrelphotography
Styling - Emma Harrel and Beccy Hunt
Hair - Katie and Viki @flawlessfinishhair
Creative Direction - Beccy Hunt.

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