Interview by Ieva Dickson- Socially Dangerous Women

Interview by Ieva Dickson- Socially Dangerous Women

šŸ’„It's here! You can now listen to my interview šŸŽ¤ with the amazing Ieva Dickson.

Ieva Dickson an incredible knitwear artist and has recently started a series of interviews called 'Socially Dangerous Women'.Ā 

I metĀ Ieva Dickson, a couple of years ago on a creative business coaching course and we have stay in touch ever since.

I shared some of myĀ challenges about running my own business as well as things I've learnt about myself a long the way!

The things that hold us all back from following our dreams and desiresĀ like, being kind to ourselves, even when we make mistakes. Tuning in to our intuition, trusting ourselvesĀ and unlearning the social conditioning that holds us back do you know what I mean?

Do have a listen šŸ‘‰ HERE

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Beccy x

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