New designs are on their way!

New designs are on their way!

Illustrated blue and white patterned teapot pouring out tea and hearts into 2 mugs with a scone and 1 bowls of strawberries


So I'm taking this quote from the lovely Helena Bonham Carter, "Life is art" quite literally and one of my new designs is based all around afternoon tea illustrations!😊

I started sketching ideas...


line drawings of cakes, scones, vases of flowers and mugs

...and trying out colours

Line drawing with watercolour of cupcakes, pot of jam, teapot pouring tea, mugs and strawberries

...and this is the result! 

Afternoon tea illustrations with ink lone drawings to create a pattern

Just sent of for a colour test sample to see how this design will print. I think it will make a great pattern for aprons, tea towels and napkins. What do you think?

If you fancy treating yourself at an actual afternoon tea, as well as seeing how I make my scones so light and fluffy, why not book onto one of my Baking Demonstrations with Afternoon Tea? Just click here for dates and availability 


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