Foraging is good for the soul

Foraging is good for the soul

I was so excited when my lovely friend Marea, told me where I could find wild garlic. My previous experience of foraging had only gone as far as blackberry picking as a kid. (I do love a blackberry and apple crumble!)

Anyway, this seemed so much more interesting and adventurous. I have always felt I don't have the time to do things like this, which made the experience even more special. It felt like such a treat. I do feel there is something amazing about finding your own food, connecting back to nature and the basics of life. Lockdown has opened this all up for me and I am truly grateful. 

I arrived early and the morning air had that lovely crisp feel you get when it's going to be a really hot day. The dappled light glinted off the pretty white flowers of the wild garlic. The soft breeze gently rustled the leaves of the trees and the air was full of bird song. I just stood there soaking it all up, wanting the moment to go on forever... mindful, peaceful, calm. What a beautiful experience.

I left the wood with my haul of wild garlic leaves and a few flowers, feeling re-energised, and excited for the what the rest of the day would bring. 

I rushed back to the kitchen and began preparing everything I needed. I washed the leaves really well and I gathered all the other ingredients together. I roughly chopped the leaves. I find chopping very therapeutic. (This is a great recipe for mindful cooking with all the different textures, colours, scents and flavours.)

As I hadn't made wild garlic pesto before, I played around with the quantities until I was happy with the end result. It really is delicious, I can really recommend doing this. 

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You can find my recipe here.

I also made a short video below, I hope you enjoy it. 

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